Kicking off 2017

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Welcome to a new year of racing. There are a lot of changes ahead for this year and I’m personally excited for what’s in store. A few key points

We’re starting out the road season in one month with a brand new race – the Spring Breakout Series presented by Bob’s Bicycles. Early registration deadline for the series is fast approaching so get to the registration page before March 18 to get all three races for $100.

The Spring Breakout Series is also the first race in the revamped Best All-around Racer/Best All-around Team (BAR/BAT) competition. Highlights of the new system include:

  • Cross-discipline competition. Cyclocross and Mountain Bike races are now eligible for the BAR/BAT competition
  • Simplified point structure. Points are awarded based on field size with double points for State Championships. No more Training/Standard/Premiere designations
  • Men and Women have separate BAT competitions
  • BAR winners in each discipline receive half-price entry for all BAR/BAT races the following year

Full details of how the BAR/BAT competitions work as well as further information are available in the 2017 Racer’s Handbook.

Season-long numbers will be ordered soon and be available for pick-up prior to the first race. They will also be available on-site at all races that use them, but it’s going to be a lot less stressful and easier on everyone to pick them up beforehand. Plus you’ll be able to pin your number on the night before!

To keep up to date on race dates and other important information, sign up for the SWICA mailing list here.


See you on the road!


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