SWICA Response to Covid-19

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There is a lot of worry, uncertainty and doubt about this latest virus known as COVID-19. The SWICA board has been in discussion, and at this point in time, we are encouraging everyone to follow good personal hygiene practices and take the necessary precautions in your line of work and travel. 

The current recommendations for mitigation of the virus include community actions such as school closures, postponement of large-scale congregation events, etc.  Because the cycling population tends to be generally healthy and due to the limited number of participants in local cycling events, we are not currently, canceling any planned events in this area. We will continue to work with local, state and national guidance parameters that may be issued as needed going forward.  If recommendations from local, state or national authorities changes, we will review this decision and notify if any changes to planned races are made.

Please continue to follow the CDC recommendations in order to help ensure your health and the health of others. Further information may be found on their website.


Thank you and be safe,

Board of Directors –

SouthWest Idaho Cycling Association

New Board Introduction

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Thanks to all that were able to come to the meeting. Much needed revitalization has begun. Look for additional invites for opportunities to participate in future meetings/forums. We have an amazing road to pave ahead of us (plus some gravel to rake). We have five new board members Janet Andree, Greg Tripoli, Zach Cox, John Rogers and Brian Kohagen. We have a few basic tasks to attend to before tackling SWICa’s primary goal of increasing ridership in Idaho. The new board is working hard and fast to start get things off the ground and push this cycling association to heights it has never seen. This season will be ready to kick off before we know it and we are all excited!

SWICA Meeting

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Reminder – South Western Idaho Cycling Association will be having a meeting to elect new board members February 10th 6pm. The meeting will be held at 6681 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704.  If you have ideas, drive and or ambitions that will help grow the sport of competitive cycling in Idaho, please attend this meeting. 

For many years SWICA has been run by one or two individuals with little help from others.  There is only so much one unpaid person can do before he must ask, “Can’t someone else help?”  A big part of keeping competitive cycling healthy in Idaho, is being involved in that community.  I know life is busy and we dedicate a lot of time to training to be physically fit for races. Sometimes we forget that it takes planning and lots of behind the scenes stuff to make race day happen. The more hands we have pitching in to help, the better job we can all do to help the sport of cycling grow.  

If you are interested in helping but can’t make it to the meeting, reach out via email. (Obccwebdesign@yahoo.com) If you have ideas on how things could be improved, perhaps leave a comment. Public meetings might not interest you or you don’t have the time that evening, no problem let me know what you are thinking.

Number Pickup

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Season-long race numbers are in. I’ve flip-flopped back and forth a couple times on this, but ultimately have decided, along with the folks at Bob’s Bicycles, to have them available to pickup before the first race. Since that race is tomorrow, today will be the day you can pick yours up. Store hours are 10-7 today. If you can’t make it, your number will be waiting for you at the race. Numbers will continue to be available at Bob’s Bicycles through the end of April. They also have a handy mannequin showing how to pin your numbers for the Spring Series. If you pin differently, you will be asked to re-pin.

Please review the Racer Handbook for policy on number use and replacement. If you pick up your number today and manage to forget it by tomorrow, you’ll be responsible for a $10 replacement fee. If you mount your frame number on your bike and it breaks off on the Interstate on the way to the race, you’ll be responsible for a $10 replacement fee. If something happens to your number during a race, come see me immediately. Crashes happen and can damage numbers. This is obviously a completely different scenario than user error (maybe) and you won’t have to worry about the fee. Please don’t abuse my trust on this, though.

Last super important bit which I’ll hit on for the umpteenth time – these numbers are season-long and cross-discipline! Bring them to every race you participate in. You may have more than one number if you’re in different categories for different disciplines. Bring the correct one or bring them all and figure it out there. Forget your number? That’ll be $10


EDIT [3/31 2 12:30PM] – You can only pick up your own number. There’s an acknowledgement form that needs to be signed to get your number. Absolutely no picking up numbers for someone else.


That’s the end of the vital information. However, in the interest of transparency, I wanted to share my thought process to address any potential frustration this late notice may have caused:

This is a new race series with inexperienced promoters. In order to make their lives easier, I wanted to streamline the check-in process. The plan was to review all pre-registrations and have categories pre-sorted for them. Check-in could consist of asking the racer’s name and category and pulling out their pre-assigned number. No worries about asking if people already have their number, dealing with re-assigning numbers if someone managed to already lose theirs, figuring out which numbers to assign to racers who didn’t fill out the survey several months past. The only numbers at the race would be for pre-registered races. Quicker, easier, cleaner. However, since they decided to open day-of registration for people who missed the pre-reg deadline, this clearly wouldn’t work. There have also been grumblings about the lack of early pickup and how annoying and time-consuming it is to pin numbers day-of.

Considering the above, the promoters at Bob’s Bicycles (Bryant, Justin, and Vern Ward) agreed to make the numbers available at their shop. If you go pick up your number early, please keep in mind that this is a courtesy on their part and is increasing their workload. Be patient.


See you tomorrow!